We get asked loads of questions about the Air Cadets, so to make it easier we’ve complied a list of the most popular questions on here. If you want to know something that is not listed, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What sort of activities do the air cadets do? 
We get to do a huge variety of activities such as flying, gliding, target shooting, adventure training, sports, camps, drill, academic studies and lots of other things. There’s never a dull moment.

How old must I be to join?
You can join when you’re 12 and currently in Year 8 at school, we will only accept cadets once they have begun this year at school, usually in September. You can remain a cadet until you’re 20. You can however only become a cadet between the ages of 12 and 17 (not inclusive), you must join before your 17th birthday.

How many times a week does the ATC meet?
We meet twice a week, Squadrons meet on different days of the week, contact your local Squadron for more information.

How long does an Air Cadet session last as I have homework and other commitments?
Each parade lasts around two and a half hours. This gives you plenty of time to complete homework and to deal with other commitments.

Is there a good balance between the exciting activities and more serious disciplined activities?
Yes, there are lots of opportunities to do fun activities as well as the more serious side of things, but the focus is always on enjoying yourself while improving your skills.

What sort of expeditions can be done through the Air Cadets?
There are a huge amount of expedition opportunities, some overseas, but the most well known and popular option is the Duke of Edinburgh Award which entails overnight expeditions. They’re great fun. But there are lots of other expeditions that pop up regularly.

Do I have to buy my own uniform? If so, does it cost a lot?
The RAF Air Cadets issues most of our uniform for free, this includes your ‘blue’ uniform, but you have to look after it. You may have to buy your own shoes & boots though! Some Squadrons have a small stock of DPM/MTP to issue on loan, however others may require you to purchase this is we are no longer provided any via the MoD. Approach your local Squadron for more details.

Is it easy to get on with people and make new friends?
Yes! Everyone is very friendly and you always feel welcome. As we’re all cadets we have loads in common.

How often do you get to go flying?
You can go at least a couple of times a year but as some cadets focus on other activities sometimes you can fly much more frequently, it’s fantastic!

What about disabled people – can they join?
Absolutely! If you’re disabled you are very welcome provided your handicap doesn’t prevent you from taking part in a reasonable number of activities, or is likely to cause you safety problems. Your local squadron staff will be happy to speak to you about this.